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Pecos Pit BBQ (Seattle, WA)
(206) 623-0629
Reviews for Pecos Pork ($7.10)

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*****    Mr
I've been going to Pecos Pit for about 15 yrs. My favorite is Pecos Pork mild with a side of cole slaw & a root beer. Wow! what a perfect combo. It's always worth the drive or a little wait in line. The service is always pleasant. Wait for a sunny day and check it out, no regrets!

August 13, 2013
by CMB
*****    Looks like Roadkill, tastes Aswsome!
Looks like Roadkill, tastes Aswsome, says it all really!

November 08, 2012
by Anonymous User
*****    Pecos Pork
I cannot believe I am the first to expound the virtues of Pecos Pork! It was awesome and the spicey sauce is still on my lips....go there tonight!

April 19, 2012
by an annonymous user
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